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Rio Grande Coffee Special

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Product Code: COF03
Brand name: Rio Grande

Product Description:

This pack contains new blend of coffee based on Cherry Robusta (Monsooned Malabar Robusta) from India. Expiration date: 24 month. Weight: 100 g.


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New product from Rio Grande, made with high quality Quadro packing system.
This is a new generation of packing system, which is giving full guarantee to store the flavor of our best quality ground coffee.
This pack contains new blend of coffee based on Cherry Robusta (Monsooned Malabar Robusta) from India.
Monsooned coffee has a story to tell. The “Monsooning” of coffee first happened quite by accident in the deep of sailing ships – a shipload of coffee bound for Europe acquired a mellow yet unique taste en route, with the coffee beans ‘swelling’ due to the moisture in the air. A new kind of coffee was born – Monsooned Coffee.

Even today, India offers the same golden quality Monsooned Coffee. Prepared by the unique natural elements of yester years and the special process of today, the Monsooned Coffee still has the monsooned flavour, mellow taste and golden look.
Process of Monsooning:
Monsooned coffees are prepared at the curing factories situated on the west coast. Only whole crop Arabica Cherry and Robusta Cherry coffees are selected for monsooning. In order to ensure the quality of monsooned coffee, only ‘A’ grade of both Arabica Cherry and Robusta Cherry are subjected to monsooning. Expiration date: 24 month.

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Made in Armenia

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Shipping Weight 200 g

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