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General Terms & Conditions

The products purchased on this site are subject to quality control. After quality control, the products are packaged by our employees and sent to various post offices. These products are insured by international insurances so the buyer is 100% protected. The buyer will be provided with tracing number(s) which will allow the customer to track their package(s) online.

Attention: The customer is responsible for international import/customs taxes of your respective country.

Shoppingian.com cannot provide customs tax information for your respective country. It is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain these details. If you have any questions, problems, or concern, contact your local customs office for more details. For an easier shopping experience, contact your local customs office before making a purchase.

To use Shoppingian.com’s services, you must be 18 years of age or older.


Payment Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility. Using the online payment facility on this website indicates that you accept these terms & conditions. Your payment will normally reach Shoppingian account to which you are making a payment within two working days. We cannot accept liability for a payment not reaching the correct SHOPPINGIAN account if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason. If the card supplier declines payment, SHOPPINGIAN is under no obligation to bring this fact to your attention. You should check with your bank/credit/debit card supplier that payment has been deducted from your account.


3D Secure

Your E-payment is safe and secure with 

ATTENTION: Before making a payment make sure your card is 3D secure, because it’s required when you make an order from Shoppingian. If the 3D issue persists, you can always make bank transfer instead.