Global Shipping

Worldwide Free Shipping:

When you place an order, you will pay for international shipping.

From now on, shoppingian will send you back full amount that you paid for shipping via coupon card, which will allow you to use it when you put your next order.

The coupon will give you 20% off from total value of the items that you choose.

Shipping Process:

When a customer makes a purchase the orders is shipped between 1-3 business days, with export documents door-to-door or the choice of the customer. Shipping is free of charge depending on the buyers choice of parcel. For expedited shipping approximately 1-5 business days is required at additional cost using UPS, DHL, Aramex, EMS, Major Express, HayPost. Shipping varies depending on country the product is being sent to. 5-15 days is required for EMS. 29-59 days is required for HayPost postal. There will be a tracking number given for each order. Please be aware, the customer is responsible for international import/customs taxes of your respective country. If you have any questions, problems, or concern, contact your local customs office for more details.  For an easier shopping experience, contact your local customs office before making a purchase.